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Zamenhof Translation Services offers diverse translations in multiple languages for all needs in Israel and worldwide. Fast, professional, experienced translations and attractively priced.

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Enjoy fast translations by Zamenhof Translation Services at competitive prices! Top quality service from or to any language. Fast turnaround times. Contact us now for a quote from the experts.

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Welcome to "Zamenhof Translation Services" We offer a professional language translation services into and from over 25 languages.
Quality comes first
We are proud of our ability to handle urgent translations and meet timetables, even when the deadlines are tight or unconventional, including late at night or early in the morning.
Our Translators
Our international translators are experts in a variety of backgrounds, including legal, medical, commercial, academic, sciences and literature.
Quality control process!
We assure Quality Control by ensuring that all translations are then passed to an editor, or sometimes an additional translator, for inspection and proofreading - thus when it reaches the client it is a completely 'finished product'.
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  • 5 new translators just joined our translators team! High quality website translation is but a click away