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Zamenhof Translation Services is a long standing company providing professional translations for business and private clients. Among our clientele are law offices, internet site producers, hotels and conference halls, colleges, Universities, and more.Thanks to our international translators teams We are able to match your translation needs with the suitable Translator for the specific text type and languages.Example: Medical translation requires a medical Translator that understands professional medical slang and terminology.In addition to medical translation we offer a verity Of text oriented translations like legal translation For law firms and law students world wide.Our translators are a selected group of professional Text editors and expert linguistics with extensive Experience translating to the desired language.

Quality Control

Each translation goes trough a comprehensive review by a second translator to Guarantee the quality of your translation. A quality control helps to eliminate any mistakes And assures you get a fast & accurate Translation.

Our Translators

We wish to emphasize that when you work with Zamenhof Translation Services, you benefit from the work of a team that cares personally about your project, and produces the most professional result possible, time after time.

Professional Translation services

Thanks to currency difference we are able To offerespecially low cost translations to more then 25 leading languages

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