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so…. Perhaps you’ve sat, written, formulated and worked really hard on an English translation and maybe it really isn’t terrible…. But the question is: is it excellent? Does it employ appropriate terminologies and suitable jargon? Translate into English – with the experts. Currently there are very few people who don’t speak English at some level or anotherbut when a document needs to be professionally translated, it makes no difference how well a person can make her- or himself understood generally, it just won’t be enough to translate into English at the level of translators for whom English is their mother tongue.This is even truer when it becomes necessary to translate material into formal English for cooperating with commercial and official organizations and professional translation of documents is vital. With Zamenhof Translation Services you will benefit from expert translations into English for all kinds of texts, correspondence, documents, academic papers, and more.We employ an international translation team and match your work to the optimal translator.
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Legal translations into English

Legal translations require top-notch translators from the world of law and legislature, such as notaries, lawyers or lecturers who are not only fluent in both source and target language but are completely at home with the terminologies of your text.
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English to Hebrew translation

Translate from English into Hebrew with the best translators in Israel: documents, software programs, correspondence, factual and books and literature, pamphlets and simultaneous translation, technical documents and more, with our professional, experienced translation team.
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Translate your website into English

Adding English translation to your website opens your site to international access. Some 95% of all services and products are sold over the internet using English language descriptions. The most expansive search engines also operate in English. translating your website into English means that more people worldwide can surf to your site, promoting your product and label.
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