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Translation into Hebrew is our sphere of expertise. Zamenhof Translation Services provides translation into Hebrew from a wide range of languages. Translation into Hebrew with Zamenhof Translation Services ensures you receive quality, professionalism and fluency at excellent prices. We can provide a translation into Hebrew from more than 25 leading languages.We provide translation into Hebrew for hundreds of commercial and private clients. Popular requests include English to Hebrew, Russian to Hebrew, German to Hebrew, and many more.You may need additional areas of translation services into Hebrew such as translations from specific spheres of expertise, simultaneous translation, website translations, legal material, and any other kind of document translations.Hebrew’s a tough language, and translating into Hebrew requires a professional with suitable background and experience who knows the correct terminologies, making your translation read as though it was an original.
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English to Hebrew translation

We offer translations from English to Hebrew at special prices as well as next-day translations for all types of texts with leading translators in Israel.
document translation

Simultaneous translation into Hebrew

Simultaneous translation into Hebrew is in fact a “live” translation, often required at conferences, meetings, lectures, law courts, etc. Numerous legal firms use our simultaneous translation services when meeting with foreign clients or working with international legal offices and authorities.
simultaneous translation

Website translation into Hebrew

Fast website translations from our experts who will preserve your marketing and/or professional style through Zamenhof Translation Services, a leading Israeli company with broad experience.
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