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“Zamenhof Translation Services” specializes in the professional, quick and reliable translation of documents. When you need to have documents translated, you need an expert translator The translation of documents requires a degree of specialty both in the area to which the document relates, and in the target language.In most cases the translation of legal documents refers to: translating authorized documents, complex court verdicts, commercial contracts or personal agreements, etc. Legal translation requires a specific specialization in the field of law: lawyers, legalists and so forth.Additional examples of translating professional documents is the popular medical translation, academic translation, translation of websites, translation of software (‘localization’) and also the translation of technical documents.We at “Zamenhof Translation Services” proudly offer a professional document translation by professional, experienced and expert translators. we ensure that every translated project will be reviewed by a linguistic editor and / or other translators for added ‘quality control’.
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Since we are very familiar with the field of document translation, we can guarantee our clients’ confidentiality. When entrusting us with documents for translation, our clients can rest assured that they will receive a level of service that is both professional and reliable.
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In addition to the rigorous quality control that we provide for every translation you will also receive consultation and response for any question or problem you may have, and personal service from our service personnel for the duration of the translation project.
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"Zamenhof Translation Services” have for a long time specialized in providing a large variety of document translation services for private customers, commercial organizations and also for the public sector, and we are able to offer you fast 24-hour service for urgent documents.
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