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Translations in general, and legal translation in particular, require an in-depth comprehension of the legal texts. for this reason our translators are experts in the nuances of legal writing it is not enough for them to have a good understanding of the target language, but they must also have first rate knowledge of how exactly to translate the professional terminology.Legal translation necessitates that the translator will have familiarity with the field of Law, since the translated texts, just as the original texts, are intended for people in the legal professions, legal instances, attorneys and so forth. So, don’t compromise. Legal translations that are not of the highest quality can affect the opinion of the reader, and might influence the fate and the future of whomever has commissioned the legal translation.We can supply legal translations in a variety of languages: English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and additional languages. Legal translation includes a wide spectrum of subjects: translation of verdicts, contracts, patents, summations, appeals, certificates, etc.
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For some legal documents notary approval is required, so before you commission the translation of legal material, make sure you check whether you will need such notarization, and make sure to request from your service provider the specific type of notarization.
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Translations from other fields

We can provide a wide variety of translation services, starting with the editing of website translations, the translation of medical material, document translation, academic translation, simultaneous translation / interpretation, translation of software (‘localization’) and more.
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”Zamenhof Translation Services” works with lawyers, legal representatives and notaries, and supplies professional legal translation services that have been provided by expert translators.
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