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In exactly the same way as with many other types of translation, medical translation requires a translator who is experienced and proficient in the field of medical translations whose target language is at no less than mother tongue level. the translator must have complete knowledge of medical terminology as well as being proficient in medical language.The translator must have a connection with the specific medical field and must be either a doctor, professor or an intern. The reasons for this are obvious . . . in medical translations there is no room for error, as the bottom line can seriously affect human life!

A variety of medical translation services:

  • examinations and medical declarations
  • medical opinions
  • medical reports
  • medical files
  • research and medical patents
  • scientific articles etc.
We offer medical translation services to Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Health Funds, Doctors, students of medicine, laboratories, etc, and also offer the translation of medical documents for professional fields such as Chemistry, Biotechnology, Sciences, etc.

Professional medical translations

When you order a medical translation we contact one of the translators with whom we are connected and who is linked directly to the relevant medical field. this way we can be sure of providing you with a precise, quick and professional medical translation
medical reports

It is important to know!

Medical translation (contrary to other fields of translation) requires commitment by the translation company to maintain full confidentiality. At “Zamenhof Translation Services” we sign on such a Confidentiality Agreement, as well as a commitment by our translators to maintain strict confidentiality.
medical patents translation

Translations by professional specialty

In addition to medical translations we will be happy to provide you with free professional recommendations and advice regarding all of the types of translations, such as legal translations, simultaneous translations / interpretation, website translation and document translation.
medical patents translation

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