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Do you need simultaneous translation for a professional work conference? Has a client come from abroad, or is a foreign CEO to visit your firm?At “Zamenhof Translation Services” you will benefit from professional simultaneous services. We have a staff of specialists and teams of simultaneous translators who will provide your conference with meteoric success. There is no need for you to settle for less. high quality professional translation can make all the difference! Whereas unprofessional interpretation could turn your event into a real disappointment.“Zamenhof Translation Services” uses the most professional state-of-the-art interpretation equipment available on today’s market We are able to provide a variety of simultaneous translation services in languages such as: from English to Hebrew, French, Russian, Arabic etc.Additionally we provide translations in a wide variety of fields such as medical translations,legal translations, websites translation, document translation, software translation and much more.

Simultaneous translations for businesses

”Zamenhof Translation Services” also specializes in sequential translations in Court. can supply you with translators for business meetings abroad. you can benefit from translation of business phone calls with the translator being on-line during conference calls, etc.
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Simultaneous interpretation where you live

Thanks to our large database of translators in Israel we can offer simultaneous translation services in your residential area, with an experienced local translator
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Personal accompaniment for every project

To learn about the field of translations in general, and the field of simultaneous interpreting in particular, contact us now and receive professional and expert simultaneous interpretation services at excellent prices, from one of the most experienced and leading translation agencies in Israel - “Zamenhof Translation Services”.

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