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There is a difference between the translation of ordinary documents and the translation of software or, as this process is called on the world market, ‘localization’ or internationalizationWhen translating texts, the intention is to transfer the text from one language to another. For instance, Hebrew to English translation. Software Localization is the process of translating and adapting both the content (text and style) and the presentation of a product or service in accordance with the language and cultural characteristics of the target audience.Software translation (localization) is the job of adapting applications to a certain country, or a certain culture. For instance, translation from American English to British English is an excellent example of translating software with localization.Therefore, translation of software, or software localization is, in fact, a process that involves converting and adapting the subject matter in such a way that it will suit the culture and ‘speak the language’ of the target country.
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Translators who specialize in the translation of software need to be well versed in the various software programs & must be familiar with the software terminology as well as the culture and program language of the target audience. they must maintain uniformity, consistency and professionalism while at the same time preserving the uniformity of the translation.
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Translation of software content (localization) will help you reach international markets and help you to increase your client base and would you help move your business forward
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We at “Zamenhof Translation Services” provide translation and localization of software into a wide variety of languages with professional translators who are specialists in the field of software localization & internationalization.
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