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Translation of websites is a job for professionals! In this era of globalization, when countries borders overlap, and international business is flourishing, the ability to move between countries is becoming easier more and more companies want to have their websites translated into other languages.By translating your website you will also be able to you increase your circle of customers and your volume of sales - easily and simply. Many businesses invest all of their energies and hopes in establishing a website, investing efforts to design it, promoting the website and in developing it, but there are several questions that need to be considered
  • who is the target audience for your website?
  • will a translated website increase your clientele?
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Specialists in website translation

”Zamenhof Translation Services” specializes in translating websites into a variety of languages, while meticulously preserving the exclusive marketing concept of each and every site,thus helping to move your business forward.
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Hundreds of satisfied customers

Customers of ”Zamenhof Translation Services” benefit from peace of mind when their internet sites are translated into over 20 languages.
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professional Translation fields

In addition to website translation, we offer a variety of translations such as legal translation, simultaneous translations / interpretation as well as document translation, medical translations, academic translation and any other subjects which the client may require.
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