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1. Copyright and terms of use.  These terms of use constitute an agreement between persons registering on the site and Zamenhof Translation Services on this site and outside it and may be subject to periodic change subject to need and without advance notice or warning following the change.  When registering on the Zamenhof Translation Services site you are agreeing to uphold all conditions of use of this site and conditions of appropriate conduct when accessing content, texts and media.  Any breach of the terms of use constitutes cause to remove the user without advance warning.  Additionally Zamenhof Translation Services (hereinafter ‘we’ or ‘the company’) reserve the right to remove a user’s card and connection details alongside any relevant media without advance warning.

2.  Registering with our translator data base.  Joining Zamenhof Translation Services translators’ index and translators’ data base is offered free of charge.  Nonetheless, there is no obligation on the part of Zamenhof Translation Services to provide translation work to our translators, which decisions are based on internal criteria and suitability for projects, past experience and per word price.  We reserve the right to choose which translator/s will join the permanent or temporary translator bases.

3.  Translator card.  The information displayed on the public translator card must receive final authorization from the site manager.  Additionally, the information shown on the translator card is filtered and only partial information will be shown to our site surfers.  Contact forms as well as contact details will always be the contact details of Zamenhof Translation Services and not the translator, or any other translation company.  We wish to improve the Zamenhof Translation Services site surfer’s experience and may decide to display varying data from the translator’s card in accordance with search engine requirements or in reaction to feedback from site surfers or in accordance with decisions taken by the Zamenhof Translation Services site manager.

4.  Removal of a translator from the index.  When registering on the Zamenhof Translation Services translators’ base you are authorizing that your details as displayed are correct and true and that you permit us to make use of these details for representation in our translators’ index in accordance with the site’s needs.  Despite the abovementioned, should a request be made to remove the translator card from our translators’ base, we will take action to implement your request as soon as possible with a wait time of between 2 to 7 business weeks until the card is removed.  Changes to details such as contact information, translation languages, areas of expertise, and more, can be altered by yourself using the translator card interface once you connect to the site.

5.  Translator rank.  The Zamenhof Translation Services translators’ interface management performs automatic translator ranking based on several fixed parameters such as years of experience, number of languages, level of expertise in specific areas, academic education, availability, and other parameters defined as part of the translator base structure.  Gain a higher quality rank by providing more contact details, submitting articles and improving your profile.  These and more can influence the level of your translator profile’s exposure and the amount of work you will receive as a member of the Zamenhof Translation Services translators’ base.

6.  Publishing articles and copyright.  As part of a translator’s efforts to improve and enrich her or his translator profile we allow translators to submit articles and respond to questions on the Zamenhof Translation Services website.  When you submit an article you forego your copyright on it and allow us to make unlimited use of it.  Articles will include a link to the author’s profile and will improve the translator’s rank on our website which will likely lead to larger numbers of projects.  However, despite this being the aim and outcome of the automatic ranking system, there is no obligation on our part that writing greater numbers of articles will ensure greater numbers of projects.  Allocation of projects will be decided according to Zamenhof Translation Services considerations alone.

7.  Registration for direct mailing and receipt of various correspondence.  When you register with the Zamenhof Translation Services website as a translator you are agreeing to receive emails relevant to translators or other content as well as emails from Zamenhof Translation Services which will include various texts or requests for price quotes for your translation services or other emails in accordance with the needs of Zamenhof Translation Services.


8.  Clarifications and additional information.  Direct any questions or requests for further information, clarification or details on Zamenhof Translation Services terms of use and conditions via the contact form or by phoning (972) 72-235-7545 and we will be happy to assist.  Zamenhof Translation Services provides professional translations through its rich and diverse team of translators to companies, businesses and organizations of all kinds nationwide.