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First Name:Hermann
Company Name:
Address:Winzerstr.98 53129 Bonn, Germany
Experience:+5 Years
Translation Languages:English,
Expert in:Document Translation, Literary Translation, Subtitles Translation,
Translator Description:I am qualified to translate texts which require not only linguistic skills but also specialized knowledge, expertise in the terminology of various fields of social science and the ability to write with clarity and precision. I have acquired this competence over many years in my professional career as a documentalist specializing in the field of development policy, working with English language texts and writing abstracts in English. As an indexer, I worked with a multilingual thesaurus and participated in the actualization of thesauri and other instruments of terminological control. This developed my ability to formulate precisely and has been a great asset in my translation work as a freelancer.Having married a native English speaker an English language teacher, English is our language of choice at home.After many years of daily use of English, both at home and at work, I have developed a sense for the colloquial, idiomatic and formal use of the English language which guarantees the quality of my free-lance translation work.My professional experience in the interdisciplinary field of development policy has qualified me as a translator of texts in the fields of economics and social sciences.My academic studies and a lifelong interest in German and English literature recommend me for the translation of a wide range of texts.In my professional career I was also responsible for proof-reading and correction of texts.

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