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First Name:Zohor
Company Name:
Address:Route de l'Université, Béjaia, Algeria
Experience:+5 Years
Translation Languages:English, English, French, Arabic,
Expert in:Document Translation, Legal Translation, Medical translation, Website Translation,
Translator Description:Good afternoon,I am an Algerian Translator. I graduated from an institute oftranslation in Algeria in 1997 with a bachelors degree and since then I have been working as atranslator in different institutions. I also hold a bachelors degree in law.I translate from English to french, from english to arabic, fromfrench to arabic and from arabic to french. I am a native speaker of arabic but french isconsidered as a second mother tongue in Algeria, it is my language ofeducation. I am sworn since fields of expertise,legal ,court proceedings, contracts, treaties, articles of association...-medical, medical reports, pharmaceuticals leaflets of medicinal products,clinical trials, patient questionnaires...,insurance reports, financial documents....Certified translations, civil status documents, court proceedings, diplomas, certificates.....

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